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The Mistaken Identity Movie
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Note: Film name was Transphere (on the voting form). Little girl in a pink Princess/Fairy costume draws some weird as pictures then chases a childs ball through the streets of Wellington until eventually "facing" her reality in mirrors at the top of some steps. This started out a little strange and could have easily deteriorated, but instead it got more intriguing as it went on. It would have benefited from a little bit more exposure of the alternate character as the flashes were quite enough for me to pick up on that angle until nearer the end. It's a film you definitely need to reflect on and think about, in order to understand how all the required elements were actually covered off. Loved the shot down the Zebra crossing alleyway - was walking down there myself last week and thinking "this would be a cool place for a 48 location". Be careful with unwanted stuff in the background - you were doing reasonably OK until the very prominent Wilson parking sign featured for an extended period on the steps at the end. Overall a great film and I gave you my 3rd place point for the heat.


A young man confused about his identity believes he is a small girl. Definitely the most visually effective film of the heat. It was really well directed and had nice sound design and acting. However, it was style over substance a bit - there was no clear arc and no characters changed, plus it was quite obvious where it was heading the whole time. Also, the super evil look the male character gives at the very end completely changed the tone of the film, and made it seem like he was going to go off and stab people just because he was transgender - would've been much more effective without this.