'19-25' by Team Ghost

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The Film within a Film
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Note: Film name was actually: Are You There (on the voting slip). The characters talk about making a film, then there's this headache generating 360 degree blurry spin and we get a clip of that film as just talked about in the same location with the same actors in slightly different clothing. It flips back, then we get another spin or two. Our common prop the stress ball makes an appearance (at least it wasn't a basketball this time). There's a bit on widescreen, a bit on 4:3, and a bit filmed in portrait on a Mobile phone, all mixed in together, along with some filming of something playing on a screen at the end. When you do that you'll end up with the wave bars on what you film, as was the case here. Sorry, I missed the title card as I was making notes on the previous film, so it left me going "huh?" during your film. It makes a little more sense now that I know the genre but I don't think it delivers on that aspect. In my view you flipped back and forth between the "real" film and the "imaginary" film - it wasn't really a film WITHIN the film. Work on the sound aspect as well as it was a bit up and down.


Quite messy, and I'm not totally sure what was going on, but it has a good creepy tone going on once we get into the film within a film. Nice work on the sound design in that area, the scary stuff reminded me of the video in The Ring.


This film went very Lynchian all of a sudden. I made sense of the very first scene between the two leads but after that I was totally lost and never came back to it. It's easy in 48hours to leave an audience behind as you get carried away with your vision. I think a guideline would be that if you are going to go weird then set the story up as if you were showing it to your grandma.