'Milking It' by Super 8

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Milking It
The Rom Com
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My team, so I'm naturally biased. Two girls set out to get some milk on a road trip like no other. A disgruntled Flattie pops up (or under) from time to time. Eventually the girls get to milk a "cow" so they can have something on their cornies. It's a trailer for a bigger movie, but hopefully we also managed to deliver on a complete storyline within that. As will all trailers, all the good stuff was crammed into them so there's probably nothing else to see in the full feature! We practiced with green screen for an hour beforehand so we're pretty pleased with what we achieved. There's no point in me putting anything else in our own review. Not rating as high as last years as I've removed one of my rose coloured lenses, but I do think it was just as good as our 2013 entry.


Only real redeeming features were the good use of (bad) green screen and some humour that worked. But overall made very little sense story wise and the humour didn't seem to catch many people in the audience. Also not sure about how the required elements were worked in.


Two girls go on a roadtrip in a movie trailer style montage film. Story didn't really make sense and it wasn't a rom-com, but that way-too-long Bingo scene was hilarious. Points for the little bobbles on the Bingo hat, and the backwards car greenscreen. It's clear the filmmakers had a blast making this one and it has some true 48 Hours spirit.


Two girls set off on a road trip after one of the girls inexplicably lies about not having milk for their cereal. This begins as a trailer which could have worked if they committed to the trailer style. Unfortunately they drop back into narrative but by which time they have lost focus on what story they may have had. Key thing here is that trailers need to imply the actual story, not just be a series of random events. There was not a single identifiable character, so no character arc or personal journey. The genre was romantic comedy. Not too sure where that fit in. Perhaps between the girl and the bull she milked?


Despite the departure from genre (romantic comedy?), the film was somewhat likable, right up until the moment the lead character 'milked' the bull - then ate her cereal covered in bull semen... That was just gross and completely out of character with what had happened up to that point.

Animal abuse is actually a very serious matter and to make light of the rape of a innocent animal is completely sick.