'Tinder Surprise' by STUDiO

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Tinder Surprise
The Time Travel Movie
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I thought it was a clever idea to use the "Undo" feature on a phone app to go back in time in order to then take a another go at saying the right things during a rather long date. I'm older, so didn't realise that Tinder was an existing app until my teenager told me . No, no, no ... surely that will get you DQ'd? Sorry but there were times when I couldn't understand the lead actor - do a little work on being a bit clearer with your speech for next year. It seemed long and the first rapid Undo segment was the best bit for me. Didn't like the close-up shot sorry - seemed like an idea you would have had at 3am Saturday morning after a few beers. OK, many beers probably.

On the positive side, I did know which character was Morgan and he was clearly a creative liar. There were a lot in this heat where that aspect didn't get established very well - this wasn't one of those.

PS Never, ever, ever , use or make fun of Rape Crisis in another film.


Good idea but ultimately let down by too much repetition and humour that didn't quite work, as well as a terrible visual gag for the required 'prop' element.


Fun idea, but not a super original one. One of the problems with a 'rewind time' sort of story based around dating is that it's actually super seedy and gross to manipulate someone like that - especially when this guy is actively a douchebag to the girl from the beginning. It seemed like maybe the film was trying to give him a bit of a comeuppance at the end, but it wasn't a strong enough one to take away my hate for the character - I wanted him to actually suffer instead of effectively getting off scot free with no one aware of the jerky thing he was doing. It also could've used speedier pacing to make the jokes land a little better. Acting from the girl was great, though!

PS. Ditto on Meatloaf's comment re. Rape Crisis.