'Warrior Games' by SSA Productions

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Warrior Games
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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Watching basketball on TV and playing with a basketball - the go-to ball prop for 2014 most likely. A Cheeto (was it? Looked like a cheese ball according to the name on the packet) is thrown over the couch and our lead pursues it but falls into a Fantasy world. I like the way you did that. Next comes a series of games in a forest with a semi-crazy Scotsman in order to win back the cheese ball. Winning the final round, basketball (go figure) returns our victorious lead to the couch where his mate promptly eats the winnings.

I liked this. Good fun, nothing that you couldn't show the kids, it flowed easily without me ever thinking as to when it would end. Some nice camera work although the Wellington backdrop was a little out of place at that moment in the film. I think you did a decent job of everything and you should be please with the result.


Loved the concept, great simple idea with a cool start and finish. The middle and main portion was lacking though, and the humour didn't quite work for the most part. But probably the best film in an otherwise disappointing heat.


A fantasy story about a man who loses something he values dearly (haha) and must go up against a Scottish warrior to get it back. Great concept, competent directing, but it didn't quite deliver on the promise of the premise (ie. the fun stuff with the warrior could've been more ridiculous than the challenges chosen). However, it was awesome that you had a narrative with a satisfying ending. Oh yeah, and sweet use of GoPros! Would love to see what this team does next year.