'Bear With us' by Squint Eastwood

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Bear With us
The Shock Ending Movie
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DQ'd. Three kids discover a large friendly brown bear but that goes astray for them once the cub appears and the Mama Bears gets a bit protective. A large cast of Bee extras (the villians in our story) are subsequently required. The cartoon work was good but I would have liked to see the lips move a little more in line with the dialog. The close-up bear eye poke was effective in terms of dealing with the technical element. I didn't get the whole in-the-cave segment and the shock end was, well, just a bit sad really.


Great to see an animated short! The squint Eastwood intro set the bar high with some genuine laughs to be had there. More could have been done story wise though, and the audio needs improving where animation is used. But I admire and commend the use of animation, would like to see you guys back again next year.


Cute little story about a trio befriending a bear. The shock ending didn't really hit with me (thought it could've been much more shocking, especially since it was animation - although I do appreciate you not going with the obvious bear mauling). I noted down that your soundtrack was neat too. Nice job.