'Yes I Can!' by Squidwig Productions

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Yes I Can!
The Against the Odds Movie
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Our young actress decides to swim around the world, encountering some weird and wonderful things along the way. The Odds are definitely against her! There is so much to love about this film. Totally low budget (or should that be "no" budget) but you fully embraced it and produced a film that is truly an example of the 48 Hours / NZ DIY mentality. I enjoyed the seagull attack and the banter between the sharks. On the down side - it was a bit low res looking and there were bits when the sound could have been better.

I liked it and I hope it gets a mention somewhere in the Wellington Final list. Will probably get Audience Fav, especially as we saw it last.


Think this one will be audience favourite of an average heat, and it was a breath of fresh air. Great to see a young actress in the lead role, and excellent use of comedy and a twist on 'kid' TV show elements to tell the story.


One of the best films of the heat. Plot was a good choice for the genre. Competently made and with 48hour spirit. To lift the film would be for the lead character to learn a lesson on her journey more than just 'achieve whatever you set your mind to.' Something to make the film really stand out - perhaps a comment on her domestic situation/personal circumstances.


When Annie's wanker of an older brother tells her that she "Can't do anything", she sets out to prove him wrong by swimming around the world.

I think the earlier reviews are right in suggesting that this team really nailed the children's' TV feel of this film. A lot of work went in to the sets and some good planning too with some of the peripheral action that goes on. Good performances from the cast, an entertaining story (albeit may have gone a touch long) and a nice twist in the tail.

A real feel good film. Well done!