'Rosebud' by Slave Labour Productions

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The Film within a Film
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This was a bit of a disappointing film - I was looking forward to see how teams dealt with the 'film within a film' genre. Most of my team (in discussion afterwards) couldn't work out how this fit into that genre. Something to do with the laugh track - was that in the main character's head? It was a bit confusing and shoehorned-in. Thought the acting was pretty weak and it felt really long. It was a little confused in terms of plot, too - not quite sure what it was trying to be. Would have fit better into the 'rom-com' genre, although the comedy was a bit lacking, too (except for the basketball scene, which was kinda funny). Was the interior cafe scene in someone's living room with the waitress carrying coffees on a chopping board? Also a bit unclear as to what happened at the end - feels like some extra info might have been edited out that would have explained the appearance of the second girl.