'Hello ducks' by Sam films

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Hello ducks
The Horror or Splatter Movie
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Congratulations Sam films, pat on the back.
A great horror film made by real horror buffs, the audience were literally jumping in their seats at the shocking villain.
For a moment I thought that you had stumbled across my secret drinking spot and this is exactly why this film was so strong, it is completely relatable.
It had an unassuming horror beginning but out of nowhere the story unveiled itself as a psychological thriller.
I won't spoil the ending but I will congratulate the film's SFX department for that final shot.
Great job on the original soundtrack and song, my only complaint is that the film could have had more ducks.


This had a fairly typical horror/splatter story line - teens out in the woods + killer.

Overall, the film was very slow paced. There was not the tension build-up that you would expect in a horror nor was there very much splatter.

There was one brilliantly timed and perfectly executed frightening moment. I think everyone in the audience jumped! - beautifully done!

I did very much like the eerie duck-song soundtrack - it set the scene quite nicely.

Although the ending scene showed us nothing that we didn't know, it was effective and funny. Thank you!


I wasn't really sure where the team was trying to go with the horror genre here. It looked like they were trying to take the piss out of the genre, but they didn't jump in with both feet so for me it ended up coming across like they were just going through all of the horror tropes. Clearly the team had a lot of fun filming this one, but it just fell flat.


Overall not a bad little short. I think you missed some opportunity's for more classic horror tropes, however I did almost yell out "Don't go to the creepy cabin!" and "Get out of the woods!". Very freaky music score! Good job