'The Faerie' by S4D

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The Faerie
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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This was a good film that unfortunately found itself in a mindblowingly strong heat . Respect for telling so much of it without dialogue. Should get a bonus nomination for that shock end.


I enjoyed this film - I think it was one of the better ones in the heat. I liked the repetition and the development of the relationship without any words or physical contact. There was a real sense of wonder and fantasy portrayed

The development of the ending was very clever and I liked the twist at the end - although I feel the very last shot of her walking away was quite weak and didn't fit in with the character built up over the rest of the film.

Both actors were delightful! Thank you.


Hello ladies.

A guy calls in sick and decides to spend the day in a suit at the park. He's befriended by a strange mystical girl on the other side of a small stream. After hanging out with her for the day he's enticed back day after day for the whole week. The little cuts of him getting ready could have been tidied up and made a bit snappier, but hey, I understood what you were trying to do. One of the Puppyguts team members said he didn't like the way it ended, that he didn't expect it to take a dark turn. For me, I was sitting there hoping that's where it would go, but didn't think you'd do it. I'm glad you did!
Big fan of the main actor, a little over acted but there was something endearing about him. I hope to see him come back for more in future events.


Great movie, loved it. Reading the other reviews, I had not even noticed that it didn't have any dialogue! To tell a story, with basically no words (now that I think about it, he phoned in sick and spoke) is not an easy thing to do (and you did it voluntarily, it was not a genre forced on you). If I had to be critical, the use of the required prop seemed a bit forced.