'Disposal' by Rusty Films

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The Shock Ending Movie
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A very simple story that could have have done with either some embellishment or cutting slightly shorter. Some nice shots and some nice editing.

An interesting and clever twist at the end! Thank you!


For a bunch of first timers this had the makings of something great, but managed to fall short of delivering any major impact. Two guys "getting rid of trash" for an unknown third character, argue over how they got into the situation. Maybe a little too many gratuitous swear words in place of what could have been snappy dialogue. I liked the twist at the end, but it didn't surprise me like I feel it was meant to. Shot well, well acted, and a team to keep your eyes on in future events.


I would agree with Wiki - a tighter edit of the disposal would have been better, it did drag on a bit. I thought the acting was great though, nothing felt wooden and while excessive, the swearing was exactly how I would expect body dumpers to talk (in fact, given how you hear 'normal' people talking to each other on Courtney Place, it could be argued that there was not enough swearing!). Well done.