'Mystery of the Erectus' by Readers' Wives

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Mystery of the Erectus
The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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This was a very silly movie, and I mean that in the best way. Delightfully handdrawn style animation complete with dodgy visual innuendo, fun plundering of movie stereotypes for the crew of the ship....and a script and soundtrack that was loaded with laughs. Awesome.


A Scooby Doo-style adult-themed animated film. A little bit icky in places (which is good or bad depending on your tastes!) and despite a few interesting plot-twists, I felt like I had seen it all before. Possibly just not my cup of tea...

The story was strong and easy to follow though I am not sure it fit completely fit the mystery/puzzle genre.

The hand drawn (or hand drawn-style?) animations were absolutely brilliant. The definite highlight of the film. Thank you!


What can I say?
I am so damn amazed and thankful that Readers' Wives moved ever so slightly away from the purile humour they've become known for, and added a story that had a decent amount of flow to it. The laughs were well earned, the art was clearly improved, and the ending had me and most of the Puppyguts team in stitches. If any of your films deserve to be in the finals its this one.

Oh don't get me wrong, there are still some telltale gross out jokes that they're known for, they're just done better than ever before.


Toilet humour is the worst kind of humour.


Not my cup of tea, At all.


I am always amazed people find the time to do an animated short in the timeframe - however I was a little disappointed, it was not up with the normal gross out standard of past years. I literally wet myself while watching 'House of 1000 Horses'. 'Mystery' had a storyline - WTF?

If anyone was offended by this entry, you really should watch past years to increase your therapy spent and wonder at the sanity of Readers' Wives!