'The Talented Mr Chancy' by Random Acts

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The Talented Mr Chancy
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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This film reinforces something that I have always known, cleaners are smarter than you or I.
It is normal to see cleaners sorting through trash but most people don't realise that it isn't for recycling, it is to get materials for home chemistry labs.
Mr Chancy is your regular Mensa-card-carrying professional cleaner that longs to leave his dusty broom cupboard / chemistry lab and relax in the comfort of a psychiatrist's office.
However Chancy's unfulfilled mind becomes distracted by some old timey cameras.
He soon begins processing some old super 8mm film using a chemical formula that he invents using old coffee grounds, some mouldy orange peels and various other bits of trash.
Unfortunately this formula has some toxic properties and Chancy is left mentally impaired and unable to continue his charade.


I am not quite sure what to make of this film. The story line was unclear and a little hard to follow. It had the potential to be quite clever and powerful maybe if it was shorter. There was not much that was visually interesting. I found myself losing interest halfway through.

The acting was pretty good. Thank you.


The moment I saw the "psychiatrist" looking about nervously I already knew what to expect of this film. Sure, it wasn't a shock ending flick, but I think of moments in other films/movies where the character in disguise fully embraces the switch. Would have been great to see the character fool not just the patient but the viewers as well, and play a bit more into the fact that the patient was discovering who he really was. Instead I was just waiting for the end I knew was coming.

If it helps my wife says:
I thought the acting was good, and it seemed to be leading to something fun. Bit of an anti climax at the end. The writing was good but the plot didn't quite go where I expected; a bit too static.


I like to think I am a typical stupid movie-goer - don't give me complex plots and subtile nuances, because I will just get lost. I need a story spelt out to me - I was confused as to why the cleaner was even pretending to be the psychiatrist. I think I need to watch this again to see if I can understand the message.