'Torpedo' by R17 Production House

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The Film within a Film
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The 48 Hour competition is all about amateur filmmakers doing everything they can in a rather short amount of time. R17 clearly gave everything they could here, but the acting and writing held back the flow of the ideas they were trying to put out. The slamming of the hand on the table (it felt too deliberate, like I was missing an important meaning to something) and the lack of shock to the realisation of who the woman was; big moments that sadly had no impact.
Good to see they embraced the limitations they had and while this years prop made a great appearance as the weapon of choice, I wasn't sure if it was meant to be taken seriously or not.
Hope to see you back next year.


From the 22 shorts I saw, for me this was the best use of the required dialog - even better it was combined with the required prop! Storyline for me was a little unoriginal (but I am not the writer in our group so I really should not comment - if I had to write the story I doubt I have an original thought in my head) but I thought you pulled off the cinematography and editing really well. Look forward to 'watch'ing again in the screening room (have o pay attention to the watch...)


After being chastised by her boss for taking an extended lunch break and with no idea of where she was or what she was doing, a young woman decides to film her day using a broach-cam.

This was actually quite a good idea for this genre and for the most part this team pulled it off. There was good commitment from the cast (despite their delivery being somewhat unnatural), the filming and sound was adequate, and the music choices were appropriate. I felt that the use of the broach-cam footage was at times inconsistent and the switching between this POV footage and normal footage was unnecessary and confusing.

A fair effort though and you should be pleased with what you achieved!