'Piracy's A Crime' by Phonetic

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Piracy's A Crime
The Musical or Dance Movie
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Admirable work in that most terrifying of genres. A very simple story - too simple? - but nicely shot and executed. Is this one of the most music-filled musicals that 48 hours has ever screened? I suspect so.....


The dreaded musical genre was no problem for this skilled team.
It got off to a great start with a song about a dog or was the dog singing? was its mouth moving?
The excellent use of sound effects drove the message home for me and I am currently wondering if I should return a Chumbawamba CD to Real Groovy.
However the dog never gained the courage to turn around and fearlessly sing toward the audience.
This lack of courage was clearly the burden of knowing the plot twist... the female character has an evil twin.


Very brave attempt and some good musical production. I think trying to blend 3 or 4 vocal tracks was a little ambitious but it was a gutsy move. Sometimes simple is better. For a musical you REALLY need to get your volume levels correct.

Simple strong story. It could have been told more succinctly in less time with more effect.

Some of the shots of the dog were really good. Animals are difficult to work with - well done!

There is definitely a LOT of talent in this team. Thank you!


Musicals are hard, and while the team clearly gave it everything they could it fell flat and was quite cringeworthy in parts. I get that the dog saw the crime, I really do, but that whole dog section felt so amazingly out of place that I was scared the entire film was going to involve long shots of a bored dog.
But seriously, musicals are HARD.


Like Newsboy the dog section had me worried but you guys pulled off a pretty good musical. I have no idea what we would have done had we gotten this genre. Probably quit...