'Blind Date' by Packed Lunch Productions

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Blind Date
The Rom Com
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A sure bet for the final i reckon. A strong, simple idea, that in lesser hands could have felt a bit dodgy, but in this case made for something sweet. Likeable cast, lots of lovely little visual moments. Awesome work people!!

PS I hereby promise on my life I do not know this team at all, and was in another team entirely.


This is one of the better rom-coms I have seen in 48 hours. Lacking polish but it did not matter as i was sucked into the story. Touching, emotional and very funny.

Have faith in the intelligence of your audience! The special character trait of your lead actress was very obvious in about the first 20 seconds or so (due to your good story telling -subtle and very clever!). It wasn't necessary to continuously and blatantly spell it out from then on which spoilt it a little for me.

I really enjoyed this film. Thank you!


I think everyone from Puppyguts was a fan of this one.
Well shot, acted, and written. Despite using a bunch of cliches and tropes it clearly won the audience over. I seem to be alone on this, but the movie would have felt better had it stopped with the fade out after he asks his friends if they were available tomorrow (while they were in the kitchen). The final scene worked, but it lessened the effect of the natural ending (for me).

Great work guys! Hope we see you in the finals!


Because I was attending a friends movie premiere, I felt I had to give them my 3 vote - otherwise yours would have been my pick (you did get my 2 :-)

You guys did really well having a great little story and multiple locations. Loved the hot air ballon! My pick for a Wellington finalist!


i smiled the whole way through it. This was one charming naive lovely messy memorable playful film. Just the right cocktail of dumbness and coolness; awkwardness and poeticism. A charmingly managed poke of fun at a disability which served to make everyone come out a winner, smoothing away some societal boundaries rather than creating them. A tender true blue romantic story that I will remember from time to time, its slightly dubious production quality melted into inconsequence for me.


Endearing and incredibly cute film. Initially, I was a bit skeptical of where it was going, but I was pleasantly surprised.