'Going Back to You' by Ononono

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Going Back to You
The Time Travel Movie
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This film seemed too short. It's hard to know whether this was intentional or if circumstances around making it in 48hours lead to an incomplete film being handed in, but what resulted seemed unclear and cut off. What I did see was some excellent shot framing, and some great, warm natural acting. Unfortunately this couldn't cover for the fact that I didn't really get what was going on/ there wasn't a lot to get.


Some very nice atmospheric cinematography. Interesting twist on time travel and very nostalgic. Shame about the sound mix/balance/leveling.

It was very short which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it seemed to lack a story line. I was left wondering what had just happened and why. I did not get drawn in. Perhaps a solid conclusion may have fixed this.

It was pleasant to watch. Thank you.


It's a shame to see that time travel wasn't embraced with both arms. Instead we see a guy thinking back to a moment in time spent with a female friend. Not really sure what was meant to be insinuated with the trip back in time. The dried up white stuff on the edges of his mouth made even less sense. Overall a very short movie with little to no direction.


Sorry, I didn't get the time travel reference myself. To me it was all about memories than time travel, though I guess really memories are the only real form of time travel we have... so now I am thinking that maybe it was a genius idea. Bravo!