'Morgan's Match' by Oldschool Cinema

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Morgan's Match
The Rom Com
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So this was a rom-com about a teenage girl who is obsessed with tennis and a particular sexy movie, so when a young burglar breaks into her house, she wants to seduce him in a style imitating the movie she loves. Great performances by the young actors. I am not sure who the woman on the internet was, and frankly, her involvement was a bit creepy. I found myself really wanting to watch that hilarious tennis movie!


This was an ambitious film; a Rom-Com staring very young actors with sexual themes, and I thought it came out remarkably well. The two young leads did a great job and even gave credibility to material that could have been really crass, but instead remained quite sweet and endearing. That was until a woman appeared on a computer screen, pushing the youngsters to have sex. That character was, I think, ill-judged and came across as some kind of sexual predator, but I don't think that was the intention and I still enjoyed the film. The film used some good Rom-Com conventions, but there was still a good vein of originality.


This was a sweet story and really nicely shot. Solid performances from a young cast.

I think maybe the girl could've had more of a moment of shock before deciding to try to turn the situation to her advantage - would've made me believe it a little more and added some more complexity/ambiguity to the story. But as it was, it played out more as her fantasy which is quite nice too.

Quite a simple story but really well executed. Good use of the compulsory line too. Nice one.


This film had some great acting and some really nice shots. I thought the plot was great and it was a nice way to see teenagers portrayed: It was silly and sweet and funny. The *creepy older woman* was clearly playing a *trusted older friend* role which seems to have been misinterpreted.


A young teen has an unhealthy obsession with a romantic film, "Courts of Love". When an equally young teenage intruder falls through her window she uses the opportunity to act out her fantasies.

2012 Christchurch finalist Old School Cinema have produced a rather interesting short with "Morgan's Match". On the one hand, it's a pretty slick presentation with lots of skill on show. The acting from the mostly youthful cast is believable and they sustain their roles well. As for the actual story, well, if it was a commentary on unhealthy obsessions with teens, or the dangers of net culture or even unwise attitudes to sexual behaviour then I think it may have played out better. However, due to it's need to fit the genre it comes off as rather unrealistic. For one, the young girl is far too accepting of the situation, far too quickly and while the ending attempts to explain this, we're sort of distracted from any messages by the disturbing internet woman. In fact, the story may have been better suited to an older cast as it all feels a bit unsettling.

Certainly a film to talk about!