'Otaki Wetherby and the Petanque Ball' by No Class Productions

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Otaki Wetherby and the Petanque Ball
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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Wow. This one was unique. It started off with previews for upcoming films, which looked awesome (giant baby terrorises Brooklyn)—loved the model work! Then the feature presentation was three guys in a fight for some reason, and they were throwing around a ball and a baby. I loved it!


I cracked up. Classic 48 Hours film. 'Screw the story, let's just put in the good bits!'. This was a strange, disjointed, entertaining film. I don't know how it worked so well, but it did.


Another great example of "let's just get a movie made" that makes 48 hours so much fun. I didn't think it quite gelled together as much as others may have. But I did enjoy it, and the main feature shenanigans were loads of fun. (Albeit with some awkward editing issues.)

Good job guys.


The two previews plus feature presentation gave this a hilarious grindhouse feeling. The giant baby was particularly awesome (especially when it crossed over into the feature!)

Really entertaining but would've been great to see a bit more plot.


You guys, this was really weird. I wasn't sold on the 'lets make THREE FILMS' thing and wish you could have used your humour/skills/gears/props to make one film with an actual story. IDK. Too many kids.