'The Perfect Song' by Nana's in the Dyson!

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The Perfect Song
The Against the Odds Movie
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Mockumentary style story about a guy who has written the perfect song. The narration was done well, and I particularly enjoyed the scientist character. It was generally entertaining, but didn’t really grab me.


Some good jokes and a premise so far fetched it was funny. No real substance, but I laughed, and I like laughing.


Some great jokes and ideas here, but like a few films this round it seemed to not quite get the genre.

I felt that instead of being a mockumentary this would have worked better as a film about a guy trying to write a new song in a world where one perfect song had replaced everything else. That would have been a pretty fun Against the Odds movie.

In the end this film felt like it was trying too hard to convince us why it was an Against the Odds film instead of being an Against the Odds film. ("Look! How could he have written such a perfect song. What are the ODDS?")

I did like how much of a dick the singer was, and the final scene with the presenter stumbling away from the camera was hilarious.


I just REALLY like mockumentaries. They seem to make the most of everything: shitty jokes, weak story, bad lighting, weird accents, bad camerawork, et al. The mockumentary shines light on your team's flaws and makes them damn hilarious. As was the case with this short, it had some funny jokes and locations but for the most part was just making fun of itself. That end scene where the interviewer disappears into the bush killed me! Good because mockumentary, but good nonetheless.