'Engaged' by Moon Landing

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The Musical or Dance Movie
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Very slick. Great cinematography. Good energy. It got a lot of laughs. The plot was sort of stream of consciousness (sorry, pun not intended). My main complaint would be the handling of the genre. You definitely committed to the musical, but I would have liked more than one song and transition in and out of song mode as well as mouth singing rather than in-the-head.
Best credits ever!


Very compelling cinematography. Really showed how good every-day locations and scenes can look! I thought the music production was done well; it sounded good, although, the same song did just seem to run throughout, without a lot of variation. I didn't like the story, but I am impressed at the quality of the production, especially given the genre. Good, committed performances from the actors.


Beautifully shot, this film definitely gets points on the technical side. Musical is always a challenging genre to do in 48 hours and I think this team did a great job with a difficult genre. I wasn't a big fan of the song, but it was well executed if at times it did feel like a string of ideas rather than a story.

Morgan as a Real Estate agent was a great angle on the liar aspect but he did feel like a squeezed in character to meet the obligation of the competition rather than an integral part of the narrative.

Still, I enjoyed the confidence with which this team committed to their idea and it was a very humourous film.


Looked and sounded great. My only grip was that the urinal storyline/joke ran a little long, and started feeling repetitive.


This was really good fun, and nicely shot.

It felt more like a music video than a musical though, and there wasn't much sync-singing. There also wasn't a huge amount of plot, and the wee side-note about free range parenting had me scratching my head a bit.

Also I couldn't read the text message at the end so I missed the punchline! But perhaps I just need my eyes checked :P

Good laughs - cheers!


Beautifully shot musical with a high level of production: technically this was stunning. It even made the grotty Dixon Street toilets look nice! There was a great opening shot and it was nice to see Cuba Street. It was mostly funny and witty. The singer was great and the actors were pretty but idk man, urine jokes go so far and then it's just annoying. This got annoying pretty quickly. I blame Traces of Nut for all the unnecessary children in 48 Hour Films this year. Sure you have a good looking child, I DON'T NEED TO SEE IT.


A guy on the way to an engagement/wedding finds it difficult to let it go when needing the urinal.

This looked nice and sharp, with plenty of visual variety on show. Some of the cut-away scenes (especially of the bridesmaid) reminded me of Jamie Travis' short films. Committed acting, good sound and as mentioned nice cinematography even if there were a couple of unnecessary shaky bits and your fleckie seemed to be in shot at the playground. Ultimately, let down by a pretty limited plot and with only one song, it all got rather repetitive and the film seemed to go on and on forever. Very cool credits though!