'Pretend' by That We May Have Tape Studios

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The Film within a Film
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Well done on managing to make the lead look like a kid (the half-size hug, adding in the climbing on shelves to get cereal etc). The barbies were a nice way to show harder to shoot scenes as well as avoid the issue you ran into with the "young face syndrome" parents. Good cinematography and editing, ran really smoothly along. Ending was a bit too abrupt, felt somewhat pointless and emotionless, which was a stark contrast to the rest of the film which focussed on feeling. Overall my favourite of the heat.


Moving film that sought to make you feel those big feels. Really good fist of the genre, great use of props. Cinematography was wonderful with some interesting shots. The repetition of the hallway/bedroom/dolls shots helped drive the storyline. Despite (perhaps even due to) the quality of this it left me feeling like I'd watched an extended 'end domestic violence' government ad.