'Adventure in A-Flat' by KanonBros

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Adventure in A-Flat
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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Quite liked this one, not sure why. Might've been how resigned the flatmates were to have an adventure. Might be the terrible puns (Lying lyre? Magic key? Troll?). Changed tone abruptly near the end - though both sections would've stood up well on their own they just didn't quite mesh. I think toning down the voice of Morgan might be better. Sound and cinematography were decent, if not very exciting. Some decent effects too, if I'm right in thinking that the witches store sign was post production.


OH YOU GUYS THIS WAS SO GREAT. LIKE, EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT AND I WAS GRINNING THE WHOLE TIME BECAUSE I LOVED IT SO MUCH. All-caps levels of amazement! Really sad to see you were disqualified - I imagine due to late hand-in though could be to length, it seemed quite long. Such a quality film both in terms of production, scripting and acting. Characters were built quickly, all having a go at some excellent dialogue. So many good elements: the misogynistic troll, the magic key, the witch, the harp, the bubble, the smoke, the uniforms. I'm in awe of you KanonBros.

- Came back to edit because I remembered the tampons being thrown at the troll. Oh man. Dying.


This film was had some strong leads, was well shot and well edited. Some sound issues, but pretty minor ones. Some of the effects were particularly good, I quite liked the smoke as the characters teleported. Good effort!


Very ambitious fantasy adventure Film, with a great original idea and some neat special effects. Seriously epic effort in such a short space of time. Personally a little Kitchy for my taste but if your a Dr Who fan at all, it'll be right down you alley.