'The Face of Morgan Foster' by Furious Fielding Filmmakers

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The Face of Morgan Foster
The Against the Odds Movie
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Enjoyed the fake facebook account in the intro. Also enjoyed the stills that spun into the center of the screen - very 1995 - very tumblr swag wow. Speed dating was a nice idea and the team clearly put a lot of effort in. I see where they were going with the genre and I am undecided as to whether or not the nailed it - indecision points to the negative. The team did a good job of working with what they had.


I really enjoyed this film! The lead actor was hilarious, very convincing. I think with more creativity with their camera shots and a bit more polishing this team has potential! Well done


Great Effort Team, felt like Napoleon Dynamite: Fielding, Loved the scooter crash love scene and the speed dating also, lots of fun.


Personally LOVED this film and thought it was the best in the heat. Though some of the other films in the heat had better cameras and more experienced actors etc I thought this film came across with its own unique style and was laugh out loud funny.

Loved all the little comedic elements like the parents clearly being the same age as their son and the art department for the speed dating along with the Facebook profile at the beginning. Also the chemistry was fantastic between the lead and his love interest.

It was quirky, lovable and funny. What more could you ask for?


I LOVED this film. Quirky and fun. Kudos to the lead actor. Really enjoyed the humour. Made me laugh. Congrats guys on a great film.