'Bitch-Hiker' by Cobra Mongoose Entertainment

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The Mistaken Identity Movie
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Nice cinematography, pretty predictable but overall was a solid film. Decent performances by the leads. Background of some car scenes looked odd (green screen?) but maybe that's just me, and the music choices were definitely not fitting. But those are small things, so pretty damn good.


Enjoyed this film. Having the interior of a car as the major set worked but would have lent itself to more involving dialogue. The sound dubbing was slightly off and didn't match the atmosphere of the car. Story was pretty good though, I really felt for the guy when he was left with the gun and the getaway vehicle.


Interesting film, some nice camera angles and use of focus in there. Some of the shots dragged on a little bit, which fluctuated the pace of the film. Sound issues were distracting, (car continuity, dubbing issues). The acting was really good. Perhaps a little overboard on the swearing? It got a little cringeworthy. When the man got run over that was fantastically done, hugely convincing.


Great Film, felt the most like an authentic film out all the films from this heat, surprised at the middling reviews, pacing acting, lighting and story all very strong here. Great Effort Team.


I personally thought the green screen was quite good (though the lighting in the car was much too harsh). Story was okay. The ending was pretty good with a role reversal of sorts happening.