'Pillar to Post' by Touching Cloth Productions

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Pillar to Post
The Race against the Clock Movie
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Well produced, didn't quite nail the race against the clock genre for me didn't get much sense of urgency, and after the first 20 seconds you knew where it was going to end - however still one of the better Naki films I have seen - colour grade was a bit heavy handed imo seemed to blow out the highlights a bit, and there was a bit of an audio buzz coming thought in the background that I didn't hear in other films....

Well done - in my top 4 so far.


I thought this team nailed their genre. A literal race against the clock. One of the only films to not make Morgan a bad guy, but someone you could empathise with. And hard role to act since the character didn't have any dialogue. Beautiful cinematography that showed off Taranaki's beautiful scenery. This film is definitely in the top 3 for da Naki!


Beautifully shot, poignant short, that used the genre well. Ticked all the boxes and a possible winner.


Great film. Clever concept - but easy to figure out the ending quickly. The lead actor did a great job with no dialogue. The prop and line were really well integrated and made me laugh. The filming and editing were top notch once again from this team and I would expect them to take home a few awards for this one. Well done.


Well done - nice short with good production values well thought through shots and the audio overlay was well done. Definitely should have made the top 2 at the city final.


A great film Dave and co. Was in my top three. Excellent production, editing, sound and acting throughout. Totally deserved Best Director and Best use of Line. :) I love the fact Touching Cloth do something different each year and are not afraid to try and move the audience with emotions other than humour. You rock.


GREAT FILM!!! Very nice use of the genre and great directing. Story was great and kept me hooked right to the end. Always a pleasure seeing what Touching Cloth come up with year after year - another amazing film.


i love the idea in this short film. it was different and clever.