'Travel with Time Pieces' by The Tanked Engines

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Travel with Time Pieces
The Time Travel Movie
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Fun little film - interesting take on "time travel" (funny and clever but a bit of a cop-out on the genre IMO) the narration was excellent and script was well written.
The biggest downfall for me was the attention to detail in the animation - would have given an extra couple of stars if they had taken the time to draw the animation on a piece of paper big enough to fill the full screen rather than have the edges showing... that kind of spoiled it for me.


This was my favourite film of all. I think that they totally reinvented the Time Travel genre. Very original and the Hungry Hippo was a very clever way to use the ball. The voice over guy nailed the accent. I would love to see these guys go through to the finals. I love all the films they have made. They have very clever scripts every year. Well done to you all. Animation was top notch for non-professionals making a film in a limited time.


Very very clever and think it is a great take on the time travel genre - to quote from the 48hr website 'There are no easy genres, and seemingly difficult ones are opportunities for teams to manipulate their chosen genre and create something truly innovative. Don't be afraid to think outside the square.' I think Tanked Engine acheived this. Cool animation and the narrator was great - David Attenborough you have competition. I always look forward to Tank's original ideas for film.


Fun idea - I think it pushed the genre a bit to far - I agree about the paper etc - really looks a bit rushed when basic stop motion like this is so easy to execute there is no excuse for it not being done better than this... but the biggest downfall for me was the continuity errors. Like the watch that died being back in the herd after it had "expired" and the challenger from another herd being a watch that was clearly part of the herd a second before... This team indicated that the whole process was a rush for them and sorry but it shows.


Laughed so hard throughout this film. I was waiting for some sort of 'Time Travel' type machine to do something to the watches - and then I got it! Hilarious, and clever. Yes, it was a very simple animation^, but a good film needs a good story and a clever script and this had both in spades. The voice over was exceptional - almost like Attenborough! The batteries were another clever touch. I love the Tanked Engines films - always clever. They deserved the win.


Saw this film at the regional finals. What a great take on the "time travel" genre definitely thought out of the box there. Enjoyed the animation, I thought the concept was simple and effective. There were at least 3 or 4 stand out films on the night and this was one of them - congratulations on the win Tanked Engines