'Hit 163' by Static Films

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Hit 163
The Shock Ending Movie
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Great concept the graphics were well done cool idea - could have animated the health bar so it dropped in some scenes - just wish that the "in game" sections had been done from a perspective that make it look a bit more like a game... maybe 1 person with gun in shot etc. also needed a few more specific shots to cement the story and big ending. Sound would have made a massive difference to the film to things like having the sound of the sliding door when you see it being opened rather than silence - it seemed sound was missing from a lot of the shots. Still really well done for a young team.


I liked the concept of the computer game. Sound levels going up and down were an issue and so I couldn't really follow the story line, therefore not sure if they pulled of the shock ending. Didn't help that people in the audience were talking near me. I'll watch it again when it is in the screening room because I feel like I missed something.