'The Lesson' by Shomingeki

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The Lesson
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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Based on a good Idea, I just got lost a bit as the story wasn't super strong through out few to many long shots of the martial arts school just shot from the front - maybe a few shots from in the training group varying the angle etc...
But well done... the general quality of filming is coming up each year.


A little confusing - the story line was hard to follow - less time on piano playing and martial arts shots and more on story development would have made this clearer. Would like to see the team attempt to do a film without martial arts in it - getting a tad repetitive.


The storyline was confusing, but at the end when it came together, I figured out the concept, and it was a good one - with more time it could have been really good. A few less shots of the dojo as it didn't add anything to the story - also I was confused by the beach scene? The kids acting were excellent and played their parts well. Overall not bad. Hope you take part again next year.