'A Boaring End' by Rubber Soul Productions

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A Boaring End
The Film within a Film
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These actors need to be on TV or in a feature film! They are so funny...
Best production values of any Naki film Ive seen so far and far and above the best acting. Good execution of the genre. Cinematography was amazing with the aerial shots etc.
Ending was great - not expected.... look forward to seeing it again as there seemed to be lots attention to detail and little touches that could be missed on first view...
I like how they took a simple gag and fleshed it out into a strong short.

Still have a couple of films to see from heat 1 but so far this is by far my No1 pick.


Oh Man these guys do it again! Think they won best actor a couple of years ago at the National final - they should be in the running again this year i recon!
Fuuwark'n Awesome - Everything seems to come together so well for this team - the cinematography, sound, editing all are top notch - this is definitely the Team to watch.


Great film and very funny. Nailed the 'Film in Film' genre, but when you have all the gear it makes it a lot easier. Dinnie da man as usual, he makes these films great. The ending seemed like a cop out to me as if the script didn't have an ending. Loved the Fresh Up advert take off.


Laughs aplenty as usual for a Rubber Soul film, but I felt this film wasn't as strong as in previous years. Dinnie, as always, is great as a lead actor and oozes personality. Some awesome aerial shots. I agree with the previous review that the ending felt like it was put in there for the sake of having an ending and was a bit random. Was a bit disappointed that the teams that got Film within a Film genre all went with the making of the making of a documentary - would have loved to see a Trueman Show/Tropic of Thunder type attempt.


Hilarious, great looking film, very professional looking and Dinnie was a crack up. Love the "Kupu o te rā" segments! I quite enjoyed the play on the word "tracks" in the ending. Also, I'm totally jealous of the RC drone camera as those shots were really cool and added to the fantastic cinematography. Clearly a team who have the know-how and all the right gear :) Ka mau te wehi guys!


WOW!!! Great Film!! This had me in stitches. Loved the concept with this genre and delivered flawlessly. The acting was great however the lead actor was outstanding, such a natural on camera and found him to be very engaging and very funny. Definitely my favourite of heat 2.


Great short. Lead actors were hilarious as always - and the cinematography was excellent.
I enjoyed watching this film. Overall an awesome effort, but would have loved to have seen them do something a bit different to previous years.


Another hilarious film by Rubber Soul. Every year these guys produce a slick looking film with a fun story and this one was no different. :) Loved Morgan - he had some fantastic lines!