'Liar Liar Suit For Hire' by Camera Child

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Liar Liar Suit For Hire
The Revenge Movie
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Well produced, camera work was good... story was interesting enough - one issue I had was when the car park was "Stolen" but she parked right beside the other car anyway!?
Few white balance adjustment here and there and some extra background sound and effects added and this would have been exceptional - well done.


Great film. Loved the story and the cinematography was great. Would loved a bit more from the Suit but the concept was awesome. great work and hope you do well at the finals.


This film looked great and I liked the concept. I, too, had the issue with the stolen carpark, but apart from that this was one of the standout films from heat 2 for me. For some reason I especially liked the camera bump when the car ran the lady over, haha.


Good strong entry by a young team, loved the concept and adhered well to the genre and character. Didn't have an issue with the parking scene (see previous reviews), the character was a diva and it was her parking spot. All round good effort.


Clever concept - thought it was a great interpretation of the genre. Lead actress was a smidgen over the top for my liking, but she really understood her character and played her well. Loved the suit, the car 'bump' and the ending. Well done.