'Morgan "Fly Boy" Foster' by Bruce Gatward-Cook

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Morgan "Fly Boy" Foster
The Musical or Dance Movie
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The character of Morgan was well adhered to - good american accent. I laughed out loud at the nervous poos. I feel though that the airplane 'ballet' was a bit of a cop out on the musical/dance genre. Great cinematography, some awesome aerial shots of Taranaki.


Great work Bruce. Loved the YouTuber take on this film. Great aerial shots and loved the 'forgotten microphone' while taking a nervous pee. Friends in high places always helps but a great take on the dance genre. If you could have got more airplanes in there if would have helped it even more.


I enjoyed the take on it being a youtube video. Thought the toilet shot was fun. Nice getting something off the ground into your short makes movie going enjoyable with such variety.


One of my all time favorites! Superbly executed and a great accent added in there. Loved the after shot clips where you would talk in your normal tone. Although, the aeroplane ballet/acrobatics did take awhile, and that part got boring.
But overall a great film! Cheers Bruce!


Funny at times, pacing was a little off - seemed full of pregnant pauses that could have been fixed in the edit. The aerial ballet didn't really work - needed to be cut to a strong piece of music with cuts and movement to match the music, maybe some shots from the ground mixed in...? Bruce was a great character in front of the camera and for not being an "actor" he did really well in that respect. But for a professional in the industry the script and general cohesiveness of the production was a lot weaker than I would have expected.


Very clever Bruce! Loved the youtube angle, the accent and the flight sequence! Must be a first for 48hours to have such impressive aerial footage!!


The aerial footage wasn't quite enough to claim this film was a musical/dance film. I found the main actor pretty charismatic, but you definitely could have used some refinement in the editing - too many long pauses and messy cuts. Nice shots though in the sky.