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The Horror or Splatter Movie
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A few issues with the audio volume gave this film a bit of a harsh buzz as the gain was pumped up in the theatre but what a great, stylish horro flick with some brilliant uses of horror tropes, some nice homages, like a Misery Scene, and a brilliantly chilling ending.


This one actually had me on the edge of the seat trying to figure out what was coming next. Very well done horror flick with a brilliant ending and some great suspense throughout. A few audio issues but we've all done it. Otherwise, good job.


This created a great feel but left many unanswered questions for me. I get that she was working with this thing but I didn't understand why. The jump scare with the face reminded me very much of an internet meme. Great cgi in the last few shots, well done.

You created a great tone, and did a very good job of filming in low light. I guess asking for a bit more story is almost counter to this genre anyway.


Successfully creepy, very nicely shot, and good acting to boot. A couple of issues with the audio but overall a film to be proud of.