'Smoke-lahoma' by DF10

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I enjoyed the musical, i got a few really good laughs out of it and thought you did a great job dealing with the genre. I liked how you tried to use the sounds of the workshop to create music, though I guess it was a health and safety reason why you did not actually use machines like the drill, and just pretended to instead.

I liked the variety within the music and thought that a decent story was shared through the lyrics. The end was great.

Glad I have never had a boss like this.


I really enjoyed this one, it's great to see a team tackling musical head on with the flair and spectacle of the old school genre pieces. It worked even better having actors who not only could sing but seemed to enjoy the genre and had the charisma to keep the audience captivated. A well deserved win guys.


I thought the film looked and sounded great, and you really nailed what is traditionally considered to be one of the more tough genre's. Some nice bits in there with the dance and flag waving

Shame about the hardware not being used but i only really noticed it with drill part.


I was hoping that the sounds of the workshop would continue throughout the song, as if they were instruments, so was a bit disappointed when this didn't happen.

Loved the film despite that, especially the way in which Morgan revealed he was a liar.


Smoke-lahoma was great, I thought it was a hilarious way to convey a common idea. I liked the cinematography, and the transition between the coloured silhouettes and the dancers on set, and some of the camera angles we're really creative.
I also liked the addition of the boss being part of the final part of the film and the actor was a good 'villain' for the film.
Well done guys and good luck!


WOW! this might just be my new jam.
have you thought about putting it on itunes?
its hard to believe that this was only made in 48 hours
excellent job.


Crackup film, nice moves from the cast and some great reactions from the crowd. Its an experience that you have to just let yourself go and be carried away with.