'Things to know about me' by Bad George

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Things to know about me
The Musical or Dance Movie
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This was hilarious. Great soundtrack - is that an original song written especially for V48? Cool. Loved the development of the character her subsequent relationship. Nice touch with Peter in the wet wetsuit to add variety BUT ...the background was the same for the whole film.


Loved the entire film - had me laughing from the get go! Wonderful singing and acting, loved the little intricacies such as 'Peter Jackson' being soaked whilst wearing a wetsuit. Hilarious storyline, brilliant acting, and an overall great short!


Musicals are so hard, and you've dived into it with gusto and enthusiasm - great to see! Some good comedic moments, and quite an impressive array of props! Though i enjoyed it a lot, it was perhaps a little long for my taste.


Good stuff, clever lyrics. Undoubtedly the best film in the first heat. Could have used a little more variation in the shots you used.
Great job team!