'Southern Casanova' by Southern Swaggie

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Southern Casanova
The Rom Com
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WELL DONE! I can't believe you did that all by yourself! It was very amusing and humorous. Just at times you could see the shadow of the camera in the background and a few other technical hiccups. But overall, great job :)


I am speechless. The subject matter was cringe factor 10 and in the true spirit of 48 Hours. It's like you were frozen in 2003 and have awoken from your cryogenic slumber to produce this outrageous short film. I'm so impressed by the technical ability shown by you, if you aren't already working in the profession as a cinematographer or editor then you should be! The acting was... well enuff said. I don't think the plot required good acting, just a bunch of wigs. Actually your acting was pretty amazing, considering the length that you went to, to capture the female essence. My nomination for Best Strange Film :) Very boundary-pushing, loved it.