'Where Did Yesterday Go?' by THE UNDERDOGS

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Where Did Yesterday Go?
The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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Nice work by both the actors, good fun.


This movie was one of the more memorable of the night. The actors were good, and the filming of it all, the camerawork, the sound, the editing, it was all fine. I didn't really go for the kind of humour in the film, that sort of New Zealand simpleton kind of humour, but that's just me. I remember these guys from last year, and this movie is very similar, it would be nice to see them try something different. I don't really have any criticisms for this movie, but I don't really have anything special to praise either, overall it seemed just ok, simple but ok.


This film was a very entertaining effort. The two actors really carried it with their laconic interplay and it had a very NZ feel about it. The story followed a nice arc and the setting was a nice counterpoint to the story. I liked the link between the note at the beginning and the painting but I didn't quite get how it "marked the spot". I'd like to see it again just to see how that worked. The understated humour was very enjoyable and all in all this was one of my favourites. I'd be glad to watch anything this team came up with; they really know how to hang their stories together.