'Fridge' by Go Go All The Time

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The Revenge Movie
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I can say without a doubt, this is the one and only time I have laughed at the phrase "yolo." One of the funniest films of the night, its off center humor made the crowd both cringe and laugh at the same time. The inclusion of the worlds most half assed spell was a great ending element to the film, with the rabbit sacrifice a real guilty chuckle. The films ending however came out a little soft in it's delivery, something which happens far too often unfortunately and not just to this team. All around a good laugh, just not as strong of a story as it could have been. If this film was half as fun to make as it was to watch, they had a great weekend. 7/10


This was by far the best of heat. Watching the film it was well received everyone was laughing at one point or another.

Yes there was some iffy cutting at certain places but in my opinion it added to the whole hungover feeling that I think you were going for, so meh.

8/10 would happily watch again


Very funny in a similar off kilter manner to last years entry. The editing was brilliant throughout, except the scene when Morgan is swearing and agitated in one shot but still and expressionless in the next cut, though perhaps this adds to the humour of it.

The camera was clearly great quality with some lovely shots. The writing, however, was a little thin on the ground, but because the whole idea was solid and the short length of these films this was not a big detractor, and if anything helped overcome the problem of over complication.


Bleh, I wrote a longer review but the review website logged me out as I posted it, so sorry for brevity!

Big improvement over last year in production value and acting. Some interesting shooting techniques and good lighting made for well executed flashbacks. One of the funniest films of the night, many one liners had the audience in fits. The only major downfall for me was the ending. The idea of a group of friends taking revenge on themselves by accident using a dodgy magic spell is a novel spin on the revenge genre, but I felt a cut to black and dying sounds was not the conclusion the rest of the story deserved. Great film chaps, well done!