'False Profit' by Decile One

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False Profit
The Musical or Dance Movie
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Every year I look forward to Decile One's film, and this year was no exception. Their unique brand of humor never fails to translate perfectly into film. This year they got the ultimate challenge with drawing Musical, something which would break lesser teams. They got the loudest laughs of the night by far with their creative songs and witty lyrics. While the singing could use some work (no offense) the audience seemed to love it even more for its off key delivery. As in other years, the only thing which seems to be holding them back from a clean sweep of the country is their production value. If in future years they are able to capture their award winning performances with an award winning look and sound, I have no doubt that this is a team which could take it all. I look forward to next years film from some of our best repeat offenders. 7/10


Despite their lack of groundbreaking vocal performances they managed to create a very entertaining and hilarious musical romp. The idea was original, the lead performance was excellent and made up for less than stellar vocals with enthusiasm. The production values were slightly lacking in some areas but this is 48 hours so I didn't really care too much. The songs were actually pretty damn good too. Probably my favorite of the night.


Incredibly well done to have drawn the musical theme and then produce this great job.

Yes the vocal performance fell a bit flat at some points it really did'nt bother me because the songs and the acting itself were fabulous.

One of the best of the night

And remember 'no one wants to know that there life is shit'


A very funny film! You guys drew the dreaded musical but put your best foot forward and for that alone you deserve respect! As mentioned the vocal performance from the lead was lacking, but I think it's understandable that every team doesn't have access to trained singers :) His acting and execution of punch lines throughout the film were excellent. The performance from Matt was very good, but I was left unsure who he was in relation to the story, a financial advisor? I may have just missed the clue that explains this.
The story was original and quite well executed, however I have to say the production value was lacking, in rebuttal to the reviewer above - I think it's a bit of a cop out to ignore production value just because it's a 48hour competition, production value is a key part of making the story you're telling believable for your audience. I think the main issues were over-exposure on outdoor shots and at times poor sound. Some of the locations felt a bit random, the bathroom, the staircase, and the fortune teller's lair was a bit low-fi... it looked like a blanket fort :). All in all a hilarious and rememberable film, well done!


A musical about a fortune teller who is going out of business because he tells people the ugly truth. The story was pretty good, and very funny in some parts. The cinematography was alright, and the sound leveling was a bit off in some parts, as well as a few minor sync issues. The music was pretty good and fitted the story well, especially the ukulele song.