'F(r)iend' by The

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The Against the Odds Movie
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Little rough but I think I grasped the overall concept.


A young man wakes up in the woods to discover he's seriously wounded.

This film starts really well and then the quality seems to drop over subsequent scenes. The cutting back between past and present is always a cool thing to do, but it needed better transitions in this case to make it effective. The audio is a bit mixed and there are some strange cuts in places. Yet at other times, things work well and we're treated to some nice looking shots.

A good attempt at the genre, but the tension probably wasn't quite there.


Cool idea guys, probably could have cut out some of the running through forest montages but overall good effort.


I presume from the title that it was a story of betrayal,
but I just ended up confused for most of it.

Hopefully you guys come back next year,
fix the use of "alot" in your intro,
and make something a bit more coherent,
as you've definitely got some potential. :-)