'Steak & Cheese Lies' by Strang Entertainment

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Steak & Cheese Lies
The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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Really liked the entire film, great acting, dialogue and cinematography but the ending didn't wrap it up in the way I had hoped.


One of the strongest films of the heat with some great comedy moments. It was shot very well with a tight edit. The acting was reasonably strong from all the cast and the story kept the audience engaged. I was hoping for a better ending however. Overall though a quality effort.


Someone in the flat has eaten the last steak 'n' cheese pie. Let the accusations fly!

Strang Entertainment are regular CHCH finalists and have a reputation for experimenting with their shorts. In "Steak 'n' Cheese Lies" they've played it a bit more conservatively and produced another well-crafted film. It looks good (although perhaps a little flat), it's nicely edited and the acting is strong and committed. There's a really clever use of the line and plenty of funny moments played out during the imagined accusation scenes.

Overall, another clever film from Strang, that despite a bit of a uninspiring ending, should play again in the CHCH finals.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Superb opening crane shot. Awesome.
Great editing as everyone is running around the house.
Nice use of the prop.
Great sound effects when the binges are mentioned - cleaning sequence.
Great ending.

My only complaint is that the "racist" scene offers no criticism of racism
but kind of revels in the safety of the audience being a bunch of white folks. ;-P

Other than that, I had a lot of fun with this. Thanks.


What a great all round film with some very funny bits throughout. Looks like you had some talented actors and a great crew to pull this one off! The use of the line of dialogue was inspired, great work Strang Entertainment!