'Sucker' by Rolling for Roses

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The Horror or Splatter Movie
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Cinematography was the strong point as well as the comedic elements. Wasn't sure of how serious to take the film but in the end was good overall.


A man is frustrated with his vacuum cleaner and so he gets a nice new one. Problem is, the old one is not quite ready to let go.

This short had a lot going for it; a cool start, a nice location, a hot actress, some nice camerawork and plenty of humour. It was also pretty much a template for the genre, including a large number of classic horror film tropes. However, you'll have to ask the team if the painful dialogue was intentional or not! At times the audio was a bit mixed but it didn't really detract from the onscreen action - and as things ramped up there was plenty of it.

Not a tension filled scary movie thanks to the ridiculousness of it all, but as a horror comedy - nailed. Nice work!


Overall enjoyed the film, really clever use of the genre - I enjoyed the comedic horror element, and the cinematography was sharp.

In saying that, I wasn't sure how funny you wanted us to find it. Was the line delivery deliberate? At times seemed very forced, I didn't know if this was intentional or not.

Good way to start the night, keep it up!


The heat began with this horror flick, and some nice pulp-style titles. Right upfront there was some business about a wee red square that refused to get vacuumed away, and I assumed that this was going to be important given its screentime, but I think it was just in there to demonstrate the crapness of vacuum cleaner. So the old one gets chucked out, and replaced with a shiny new vacuum cleaner (which oddly looked pretty much identical, confusing me a bit). And that's where the fun begins.

The premise of a killer vacuum cleaner is actually a really nice idea, although I felt that there were a few conceptual missed opportunities (eg: the use of the vacuum cleaner noise in a horror context, and seeing it actually suck things up, like the wife's hair or similar). Great use of vacuum shadow to create tension/dread, and the knife fight was hilariously absurd. Plenty of deliberate and accidental WTF moments, including an inexplicable stopping of high-energy music when the woman is in the car. The reading of the required line was a bit clumsy (and actually got the words slightly wrong, too) but, like the later "What the-" exclamation, there was a certain goofy charm to it.

The film at its best looked quite good too - a shot of the couple in bed stood out to me, with pretty much everything in the room being black or white. And the final destruction of the villain was appropriately slo-mo'd for dramatic effect, and oddly reminded me of the early Spielberg classic "Duel".

Probably my main bit of feedback going forward would be to think about the tone you want your piece to have, and commit to that fully. As it was, this was at times comedy, at times serious, jokey, splatter, tension, etc., and a bit more focus might have helped to pull everything together. Still, a lot of fun.


For pure entertainment I can't fault this film. Its' a Brilliantly funny Horror comedy that still got the tone, cinematography, and editing part of the horror genre right.

I'm not sure how intentional a lot of the comedy in the film is, particularly the lead male, at the start of the film. It's ether a perfectly timed performance of comedic genius or a 'so bad its good' type thing. ether way the result is a very funny performance.

I look forward to watching the film again ether at the finals or online. I for one would love to see it at the finals, but I'm not sure it will hold up against repeat viewings and other more polished looking films.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Excellent title graphic and opening shot of the carpet.
Great shots. Lots of nice camera movement.
Ridiculous plot, but I liked it.
It was pretty great to see everyone fighting the vacuum in different ways.
Nice car shots. Very smooth and clean.

Looks like you guys had fun with this.