'49 Hours' by Trinity Force

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49 Hours
The Against the Odds Movie
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Three young men make a 48HOUR film with Lego characters. It's not going well but will they make the hand-in on time?

OK, so as a general idea, this is a pretty lame approach - in fact in some towns you might get hunted down and thrown in a pit for doing it. However, by mixing up the structure of the film, making it look really nice, acting well, editing well and of course, using Lego, it's actually not that bad - in fact, it was quite engaging at times. Then you did the ending...


Funny opening dialogue. Really melodramatic.

Amazing sequence that ended with the ball smashing the LEGO bits.
That was probably the best part of the film.
So gutsy having such a long run of nothing up to that point.

Nice meta-film with a lot of nods to the competition,
though a great many of them were pretty groan-worthy.