'I’m Morgan' by Thumper Productions

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I’m Morgan
The Horror or Splatter Movie
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An innocent looking car, with an innocent looking message on its dashboard, is absolutely not what it seems.

This ended up pretty dark and creepy, after coming across quite light-hearted for the most part. The captures made by the car was a cool idea but it did become a little repetitive. There were some audio issues but for the most part the technical side of this film was handled well. Unfortunately, you could see someone driving the car when it was supposed to be empty at one point - all adds to the charm!

Well received by the audience - good job!


This was one of my favourite of this heat. The idea of the deranged car was great. I thought you executed the plot reasonably well, there were a few technical mistakes but nothing that was too distracting from the narrative. I feel that if you had filmed some of the sequences a little better with some more pace, you would have had a very compelling short. Great job on a creepy wee film.


Some of what I enjoyed:

I liked the horn being controlled by the trigger on the joystick.
Great lighting in the "control room" which was a pretty great space in general.
The grating violin music was irritating and unsettling, which worked.
Great practical credits sequence.

Nice work, though a little bit of a dubious concept.