'Reprimanded: The Musical' by The Silent Photographers

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Reprimanded: The Musical
The Musical or Dance Movie
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I absolutely loved your witty intro.
This film had me almost in tears - so funny! I loved the disco-father, and the boys' slow jogging in time with the music. This film was so random and fabulous at the same time. Congrats, you guys rule.


Morgan wants to be a basket baller but his dad doesn't think he can make it. Cue: musical chase scene.

OK, so this was interesting. Great hair, it looked OK and it has a lot of funny gags. As far as the musical aspect goes there was only one song that sounded like it was inspired by the Pet Shop Boys or Flight of the Conchord's parody of the PSBs - 80s synthesizer hell! The lyrics were clever and drove things along, but there wasn't much of a story here.

The audience loved it, so well done!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Loved the music as the dad put the newspaper down.
Great performance by the dad.
Rhyming "boss" and "mouse"? Whaaaat.
Great lyrics otherwise. Funny.
lol @ "Excuse me, I need to pee" That whole bit was great.

I had fun with this.