'Goodbye' by Taco Cat

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The Race against the Clock Movie
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A young woman, leaving for Auckland, breaks up with her boyfriend. He only has a short amount of time to stop her leaving.

This was a sweet little story of young love. There was some nice split screening and the actors did a good job for the most part. The audio was a bit variable, especially during a key scene at the end of the film. Likewise, this scene was a bit dark and you should have ditched the umbrella as it both muffled and hid the actress's face. There were some day/night continuity issues and the contrast was a bit dodgy in one scene.

This was a good attempt at a serious film. Unfortunately there was a bit of commentary from some team members as it screened...sigh.


The break-up dialogue was well-written and felt genuine.
Good job by both actors in delivering it.
The music was great, and I really liked the shadow of the umbrella over the girl at the end,
as she delivered the cold, hard truth.

Good effort!