'The Assumption' by Red RackhaMen

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The Assumption
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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A group of boys playing footie in the park, kick the ball over the fence. The one who goes to get it doesn't return!

In their intro the team claims they "screwed up" but will be back in 2015. It's true; some things didn't quite go smoothly. There was bad sound; it was loud, echoey and quiet at times. There was camera noise, some bad cuts, some long, long takes and direction was heard at one point ("Chuck us the camera"). However, there were some good points too. The way you introduced a quirky character was awesome and you had a wickedly crazy light saber, plastic sword epic battle scene.

Importantly, you demonstrated huge enthusiasm! See you next year!


I didn't really know what was happening at all in this,
but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

I laughed at how you included the line of dialogue
and the end lightsaber battle was excellent.
Credits were pretty funny, too, with your many repeated names.