'The Unnatural Story of White' by planetfoxfilms

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The Unnatural Story of White
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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Two bored young boys find a dead body.

OK, let's get all of the work-ons out of the way. The audio was either too quiet or too loud and there was a lot of wind noise. There were some crazy edits and it all seemed rather unscripted. Also, with so many great stories in your lives why do something where you need to cast kids in adult roles - eg police officers? On the plus side, this is a 48HOUR classic! There was nice humour throughout, there were some nice ECUs and you used the line really well. There was a lot of "telling" rather than "showing" but it was damn funny! You did an amazing job with the autopsy scene - really well thought out - that's how you cheat the audience when you have limited locations.

Awesome work, planetfoxfilms - I hope you're back next year!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Real grisly make-up on the dead boy. Very nice.
Loved the part when the guy put the glove on. Great flair.
Great scene with the doctor describing how it looks like a bite.

I laughed at the dog ending. Did you paint it?? It looked embarrassed.