'A Kinder Surprise' by Oh Deer Films

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A Kinder Surprise
The Rom Com
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A teen suffers from a rare condition that causes her/him to change gender when she/he sneezes. It's hard to get a date when you have this.

This kicks off with a nice title sequence and voice-over filling us in on some of the details. It's well filmed, the editing works for the change sequences and the sound is generally good apart from some wind and even camera noise in a couple of parts - including the final scenes of the film. The pacing overall is pretty good, apart from the football scene which slows momentum at that point. The acting is OK and I am pleased to see that you cast this film appropriately.

It's a completely ridiculous idea that you've made plausible, so well done!


This was a very clever film. I really liked the idea of the switch in characters through a sneeze. It was well executed and the audience enjoyed it. It was shot and acted well. Good work.


Great film guys, you should be proud of yourselves. I really enjoyed this film, the story was well written and it was well shot and edited. I have to mention the acting which was very funny, especially the lead boy (girl).
Hope to see this team next year!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Fun intro. Well-shot.
Very cool title treatment/sequence.
I liked the idea of someone who changes gender on sneeze.
Well-shot and nice work with the graphics/app/etc.
The music during the courtship part fit really well.
Really awkward and cool having Morgan ask the guy about what he felt about Morgan.
Great sequence trying to sneeze.
Great short. Very well done and interesting. One of the more original ideas in the comp.

Only critique is the super hot audio levels.


Haha, well done. I loved it. Great use of humor, cinematography, and editing. Fantastic use of dialogue.Very...... creative plot? Some bits just dragged on a bit too long, the plot lacked a bit and sometimes the background music was louder than the audio. But other than that, well done :) If I was a judge I would give it 'Best Title Sequence', 'Best Use of Dialogue' and 'The Peter Jackson Wild Card' (because it is the weirdest film I have seen this year) :)

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