'Et Deinceps Sursum (Onwards And Upwards)' by Knawtra Studios

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Et Deinceps Sursum (Onwards And Upwards)
The Against the Odds Movie
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There are creatures in them hills.

I was in the very front row for this heat and so this wasn't the best film to get my eyes adjusted. Lots of ECUs, quick pans, zooms and shaky-cam. It was all done very well but reminded me visually of the time I went with a bad migraine to The Hunger Games. Anyway, this was something different from Knawtra who've been entering 48 for a few years now. Nicely filmed, edited, the various voice-overs/communications were effective and there was a good twist at the end. I really felt like I was there and it certainly kept me intrigued.

Nice job!


Totally loved this. The ending was my favourite, you guys did something really cool.


I didn't really understand what was happening in this short, and there was a lot of unsteady camera work which was effective, but sitting in one of the front rows, this was a bit difficult to watch. Good effort.


Some of what I enjoyed:

I liked the color grade and general sense of dread.
Nice voice-over and audio work to propel the story forward.
Very cool shot of the disco ball up close being picked up by the gloved hands.
Amazing shot of the creature holding the disco ball, wow. Great costume.
Seriously one of the coolest shots of the entire competition. Dang.